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Quality always shines through. To create quality products and parts, Plastic Masters International uses state-of-the-art machinery and production methods to support prototyping and high and low volume requirements. We are committed to using production methods that make us THE PRICE LEADER yet create client relationships that accommodate your requirements for efficiency, flexibility, accuracy and dependability. We specialize in producing precision windshields, windscreens, hatches and other parts by forming acrylic, polycarbonate, starboard and other plastic materials.

The Right People...

Plastic Masters Quality - The Right People

Our employees are dedicated to excellence in producing, packaging, and delivering your products. We can work from your design or we will work with you to design your product or part. Our engineering department is happy to value engineer your concept to assist in cost controlling your project from substrates to design to packaging. Our employee's personal attention and support to your project are unparalleled in the industry.

Our experienced, skilled team can truly meet your needs. Whether it's supplying a complete new item, Plastic Masters International has the right people to implement solutions for you. We are committed to personalized service all the way through your project including design, production, assembly, finishing, warehousing and delivery.

Plastic Masters International's state of the art manufacturing facility teamed with our employees dedication to strict quality controls and your satisfaction, allow us to produce products that our employees, your company, and your customers can take pride in.

The Right Commitment...

Plastic Masters Quality - The Right Commitment

Our employee's commitment to you... Quality service delivered in a timely basis at a competitive price.

The Right Vision...

Plastic Masters Quality - The Right Vision

Our mission. A clear vision and informed direction, which combines a total commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction, market strength and quality workmanship... All brings about growth and a reputation for excellence...

The Right Company...

Plastic Masters Quality - The Right Company

From our campus in Palatka, Florida, Plastic Masters International designs, engineers and manufactures fabricated plastic products and parts for a variety of industries including retailers, fixtures manufacturers, boat manufacturers, Fortune 500 industrial firms and, if we are so privileged, you.

Material finishes available include Clear plastics, Florescent Acrylics, Colored Edge, Solid, Opaque colors and unlimited Tinted Plastic capabilities. Our capabilities cover the full fabricating spectrum, including cutting, drilling, polishing, bending, forming and gluing, with a wide variety of materials.

Use our design and engineering services or we'll manufacture to your specifications using starboard and other plastic materials. Through our years of experience we will control your cost through our knowledge and use of manufacturing efficiencies making our prices extremely competitive.

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